Remember Lemmings? A cute, clumsy and clueless species of green-mopped creatures on a journey home, in desperate need of help. For over 25 years, players have answered their call, with millions playing the puzzle game that became a pop-culture phenomenon.

Now it’s time for a whole new generation to save/slaughter those adorable critters once again, with a brand new Lemmings game out today, designed specifically for your mobile device.

Originally released for the Amiga, Lemmings was published by legendary Liverpool studio Psygnosis. The company later joined PlayStation and went on to create classics such as WipEout and Colony Wars. And it all started with Lemmings!

As our story begins, our cuddly friends find themselves homeless as a result of an environmental catastrophe. No, this time it’s not our fault.

The Lemmings take to the stars, exploring the universe to find a nice, cosy corner somewhere where they can put their feet up, kick back, have a cup of tea and wait for everything to blow over.

Of the 18 quintillion locations out there, they have an uncanny knack of ending up in places full of fire, razor-sharp saw blades, bubbles (trust me, bubbles are the worst) and other hazards that promise to push you to the limit and have your Lemmings pushing up daisies.

Conquer levels and put your Lemmings to work, converting hostile planets into beautiful utopias, where your Lemmings can earn some much needed R&R.

It’s the Lemmings game you know and love, redesigned for the best experience on your device. Under your direction, they’ll dig, climb, build, block and fall through levels, with an ease of control that is both fun and challenging.

Lemmings is out now on mobile devices for  and . The game features in-app purchases but can be played entirely for free.