Mike Redfields aka our very own Viper, has released another cool Dance/House track that is now available across multiple streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and others.

The track “Light It Up” is the result of someone being both a gamer and a DJ. It includes a cool AWP reload sound from Counter-Strike and gives you that typical party feeling, wherever you go.

“And so, after the Mysteryhope for more, the feeling of a Deep Love and going through the Dark, everything in life arrives at a point where you can see that light again. Light It Up is the result of that, a track to party and enjoy life to the fullest! The track also includes a special intermezzo with horns and drums that gives you that typical movie feeling. Plus, for the gamers… there is a cool AWP sound in the track. Enjoy!”

Go check it out and listen to it over here: https://www.mikeredfields.com/light-it-up/