Incredipede is a game about life and feet as it takes the vast creativity of the natural world and gives it to you to play with. From a more mechanical, game-design point of view Incredipede gives you a simple, small tool-set and challenges you to overcome various obstacles.


When playing in normal mode you take control of Quozzle, a lone Incredipede on a dire quest to rescue her sisters. She has a unique ability to grow new arms and legs wherever she needs them, transforming into a snake, a spider, a horse, a monkey – anything you can imagine. You can give her antlers or a tail, use nature as a blueprint or, something that will help her reach her destination. What’s the perfect creature to push over a tree? Or scamper across lava? Or climb a cliff? Or swing through the canopy? Are some of the dilemmas you’ll face in the game.


You’ll use your mouse to control Quozzle’s parts, the A and D buttons move her left and right, while the space bar will become your best friend, as it is here to help you reset a level that causes you trouble as while moving your creature from point A to B may sound as a simple task, the truth is that it is a mountain to climb.


The levels are less of a puzzle to be solved, and more a series of lessons to be learned. The good thing is that the game encourages experimentation. There is no single solution, and even when you get the design right on your first go, you always feel that there may have been a better, more efficient path to success. The full campaign,of 3 worlds of 20 levels each) gives you pre-made monsters from each level, after a certain point you are free to experiment with your own unique creatures.The trick – and enjoyment – comes from the fact that each level’s creature is unique, looks bizarre, and requires different skill to control.


But Incredipede is not only about creating your own creatures but also gives you the chance with its included tools to create and edit your own levels (they even auto-populate with cool visual touches like moving grass and vines), then publish it online for others to play and tweak.


Sorting the stages by popularity, you’ll find tons of available levels with their own unique feel, often with creatures unlike anything you’ve seen in the campaign. This is done with great ease as the Ioncredipede’s social features are very well implemented in the you also the ability to find solutions from other players, and challenge other gamers to finish a level with your creation.


Each level in Incredipede is on the short side, as if you are not that interested in collectibles you may finish each level in under 30 seconds. The good thing is that the game’s Hard mode, recommended only if you master the normal mode will offer you a lot of replayability value if you found the overall concept intriguing. Here you play through the various worlds again, only this time with more difficult stages and several levels that require you to make your own creature from scratch.


Incredipede is a game with astounding visuals and some discreet and qyuite fitting ambient music which manages to Incredipede feel like more then interactive story book instead of an actual is a really fun indie game to play with 60 levels across several different stages.

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The gameplay is made in such way that will only reward you if you decide to give yor appetite for creation in it, otherwise you’ll find it nice as an experiment but incomplete as a game.The puzzles are challenging but fair and the method of solving is rewarding as it combined the use of creativity with critical thinking.


Those who engage themselces to Incredipede will find a well-made indie game that without a doubt one of the most original puzzle games out there. You can buy Incredipede now from Steam,, and the game’s website.

Gameconnect Rating: 7.5