Crea is an easily moddable, 2D sandbox game with a lighthearted mood, colorful art and RPG elements created by Jasson McMorris, a game developer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Drawing inspiration from the pioneers of the sandbox genre such as Minecraft and Terraria, Crea features combat and crafting in attractive, randomly-generated worlds for you to explore, tear apart and build back up in your own design.

According to the developer “what sets Crea apart from the others is that it’s created with you in mind. Our goal is to develop a game that fully realizes the potential of the community and mods. Every aspect of Crea is designed to be easy to modify and customize. It’s simple to modify characters, weapons, monsters, items, biomes, or to even create new playable races! If you can imagine it, it belongs in the world of Crea!”

The Kickstarter goal for Crea is to raise $15,000. These funds will be used  will be used for an original soundtrack from Robot Science,  sound effects, possibly also from Robot Science, but this is TBD, purchase development hardware, such as a Mac computer, while any funds raised beyond our goal will be used to complete Crea faster.

The developer’s ultimate goal is to make Crea available through Steam and take full advantage of their new Steam Workshop. With the workshop you can easily share, find, rate and download mods with the entire Steam community.

Project Lodus

Project Lodus is a Cyberpunk Co-op Action RPG  developed by Leviathan Interactive a team whose members have worked on Hook, Army of Darkness, Master and Commander: Far Side of the World, Hidalgo, and Three Musketeers based in Southern California . The game promises to deliver an engaging story experience, presenting some seriously eye-popping visuals and art direction that make for an exciting world to have fun in.

Project Lodus takes place in a world called Lodus that is home to many advanced civilizations.
A group of friends discover the remains of an advanced civilization hidden underneath their so-called utopia. With the help of an eccentric old man who is more than he seems, four kids venture below the surface and unearth the long-lost secrets of an underground world riddled with technology, the likes of which no one they know has ever seen.

As the game moves forward, we will see each of them grow up, mature, and be affected by the events unfolding around them.  By the end of the game they will talk differently, act differently, and absolutely look the part of a seasoned, battle forged badass.

A pledge of $5000 and more will allow you to hang with team. They promise you to show you what they’re working on and discuss game design with you so you can have direct input into the game. Of course all previews rewards that come in the form of designing a weapon for the game, a wallpaper pack, PDF book containing concept art and behind the scenes looks, your name in the credits, a copy of the game, and a free digital copy of the soundtrack when it is released are of course included.