XYLA Entertainment have just announced that after a successful Greenlight campaign, Rush Bros., a side-scrolling platform racing action game featuring music-reactive level design, will arrive on Steam for PC and Mac on May 24th 2013.

“Rush Bros. started as a modification to Portal 2 co-op which turned the players against each other. The unique multiplayer mechanics and dueling Dubstep DJ themes became a metaphor for the unique social dynamic of cooperation through competition.” stated Ian Boswell, Game Designer of XYLA Entertainment.

Rush Bros. features over 40 pulse-pounding, music-infused, platform racing tracks, jam-packed with puzzles, obstacles and power-ups, Single Player Mode and Online multiplayer mode that includes PC / Mac cross-platform support, Local multiplayer – split screen on one Mac or PC, reactive level design, the ability to choose to play using your own MP3 or OGG music library and see the level design react to what’s playing, and an evolving gameplay through updates that will feature new Level Packs, Game Modes and more.