Independent UK developer Rebellion has announced the launch of Cross-play online multiplayer update for its acclaimed sci-fi FPS, Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000.

For the first time in history, Marines, Aliens and Predators across the globe will be able to do battle across the two largest communities in PC gaming – Steam and

Originally launched on Steam in 2010 and on in 2014, AVP Classic 2000 was downloaded by over 200,000 gamers in October 2014 during the Beta for DRM-free online gaming platform, GOG Galaxy. With new in-client chat capabilities, achievements, and automatic updates, the offer delighted fans and newcomers alike.

During that promotion Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley promised future support for cross-play between the Steam and platforms praising both for their support of the concept, and today’s update marked the culmination of Rebellion’s close development work with both companies.

Now that gamers can be a part of a unified online multiplayer experience, the only question that remains is will you play as an Alien, Marine or Predator?