Thunder Wolves is now available on the XBLA and PSN, Hungarian developer Most Wanted Entertainment has just announced. Thunder Wolves is a helicopter game inspired by ’90s arcade games that puts you in the hot seat of an experienced helicopter group that has survived a bullet mayhem.

The game brings a variety of missions including high-risk convoy protection, deploying a commando on fast-moving train or unleashing hell on the battlefield. Nine different types of helicopters are featured which you can upgrade with additional weapons and defensive tools to create the ultimate aerial hunter. Thunder Wolves will also include two-player local co-op – one gamer playing as the pilot and another as the gunner – giving you the opportunity to establish aerial dominance with a friend.

The Xbox LIVE Arcade version of Thunder Wolves is available on the Xbox Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points. This arcade shooter is also available on the Sony PlayStation Network for $9.99.