Singstar, the number one music and karaoke entertainment game for the Playstation, will get a brand new release tomorrow (24th of October, 2014) for the Playstation 4 for free. SingStar is a competitive music video game series for PlayStation consoles, developed by London Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Dozens of instalments were released for the PlayStation 2, and several more for the PlayStation 3 and now it’s finally time for the PS4 release.

SingStar requires players to sing along with music in order to score points. Players interface with their console via SingStar microphones while a music video plays in the background. The pitch players are required to sing is displayed as horizontal grey bars, which function similar to a musical stave, with corresponding lyrics displayed at the bottom of the screen.


The game analyses a player’s pitch and compares it to the original track, with players scoring points based on how accurate their singing is. Different modes of SingStar may vary this basic pattern, but the principle is similar throughout.

SingStar includes a variety of game modes. The standard singing mode allows one or two people to sing simultaneously, either competitively or in a duet. The game also offers a “Pass the Mic” mode, which allows up to eight people to play a series of rounds in two teams. The original SingStar for PlayStation 2 also featured “Star Maker”, a single player career mode, however this was dropped in subsequent releases due to the popularity of the multiplayer and party modes.

The PlayStation 3 versions of the game also support trophies, earned through achieving specific objectives.

The brand new Singstar that will be released tomorrow for PS4 and on the 28th for PS3 will not only work with the Microphones that were available already (USB/Wireless) but will now also allow you to sing through your mobile phone (iOS and Android), but you’ll also be able to mix up your personal playlist and queue up the latest hits.

Next to all this, people that bought songs on the Singstar store before, will be able to re-download the songs for free (as soon as they are available in the new Singstar app).

More information will be available tomorrow on