The InterWave team has just released update 6.5 for Nuclear Dawn, the FPS/RTS game created on the Source engine. This update brings another new map from the community to the game, called Gate which is based around Germany and fixes a bunch of bugs plus adds a very much requested feature to disable sniper auto rezoom and last but not least community contributed loading screen tips. If you haven’t checked out Nuclear Dawn yet, now is the time as it also includes a cool single player training mode! The full big changelog may be found below (if you are really that interested to read through all of the changes):

New Content
– Added new map, Gate, one of the community mapping contest winners

– Added option to disable sniper auto-rezoom.
– Added sound to notify when a vote appears.
– Added community-contributed loading screen tips.


– Fixed gizmo effects sometimes taking a second spawn to apply.
– Fixed sorting in gizmo selection window to show the “no gizmo” option first.
– Fixed gizmo selection panel sometimes being stuck open.
– Fixed radar kit viewmodel not going invisible when stealthing.
– Fixed HTML server motd messages not displaying on Macs.
– Fixed What’s New update news screen not working on Macs.
– Fixed Mac http custom content downloads timing out when system is configured to use a proxy server.
– Fixed rank name for rank 58, “Lieutenant General First Class”.
– Fixed sound not playing for “Destroy” radio command.
– Fixed checkbox and radio button glyphs not displaying properly in some dialogs on Mac.
– Fixed Mac showing Half-Life 2 icon when running the game.
– Fixed numerous cases where a building hologram would get stuck on the build grid.
– Fixed issue with invalid build button grid and unbuildable builds when first selecting assembler, then selecting control group containing units that no longer exist.
– Fixed resource counter showing incorrect amount to spectators.
– Fixed “no commander” message always displaying to spectators even when spectated team had commander.
– Fixed issues with NX300 flame sometimes persisting too long in spectated view.
– Fixed a case where unpowered walls were not properly taking health decay.
– Fixed turret radius display being stuck on screen for commanders if leaving chair during first phase of build.
– Fixed radar kits disappearing on death.
– Fixed being able to move when armory class menu is open if scoreboard is also up.
– Fixed chaingun spinning sound persisting through reload.
– Fixed sniper overlay flash that would occur after shooting when using hold-to-zoom ironsight controls.
– Fixed bots sometimes getting stuck on Consortium transport gates.
– Fixed some cases where the scoreboard or MOTD panel could show over top of the map load screen.
– Fixed hitgroups being ignored on in-chair commander for headshot tracking and armor calculation.
– Fixed bloodspatter not showing on in-chair commander.
– Fixed rare client crash when switching weapon.
– Fixed U23 grenade kills showing and logging as from P12 grenade.
– Fixed area in Oilfield where players could get stuck behind tanker truck near Empire base.

As always steam will update by itself and server admins should run hldsupdatetool to update their servers.

Also, right now Nuclear Dawn has a Summer Sale on Steam with 67% discount! Go check it out: