JoyMasher, the creators of Oniken and free games MRC6-454, Major Maox and Sigurdr’s Havoc, have today unveiled their next project, a NES inspired action exploration platformer that takes place in a dark fantasy world titled Odallus: The Dark Call.

“In search for the Ultimate Power, a Dark Lord and his wretched army are ravaging a once peaceful land, destroying villages and leaving no good soul alive. To put a stop to this carnage, the warrior named Haggis must wield again his already bloodstained blade and chase down the Dark Lord. Odallus is the story of Haggis’ pursue in the format of a dark fantasy classic game”, reads the game’s description.

JoyMasher have set an Indiegogo campaign to properly pay work from artists outside JoyMasher developing team, as the musician and the video maker which you can find at

A demo for the game is also available at As the developer states “the demo do not depict any level in particular and level design on it won’t be used in the game. Instead, we built the demo willing to show you a bit  of everything you can expect in Odallus. The style of the level design, with many paths to be discovery, is one of the main aspects we wanted to demonstrate. Enemies, mechanics and upgrades are exactly like they will be in the game, except that there will be more of all of them”.