By now every gamer is familiar with Steam Greenlight, Valve’s voting system that allows developers to submit their game to the community for approval where if the Steam community overvotes a title then this is being added to the Steam catalogue.


In Greenlight you will find games for PC and Mac, single-player, multi-player, and cross-platform multiplayer games in a number covering a wide range of genres, including action, strategy, RPG, casual, simulation, free-to-play, and sports.

As Valve recently stated their indie game submission service has received over 2 million votes since its launch last August. In order to help make your vote worth through the hundreds of entries that you can browse and rate we decided you to give you a helping hand and present you 5 titles which we feel deserve your vote.

Dark Matter

Dark Matter is a 2.5D adventure platformer game that brings a creepy and dark atmosphere where light and darkness play a vital role in the player’s survival. You play as Ensign, a female crew member who emerges from cryosleep almost 70 years after the final transmission and you must survive long enough to get the ship running before it dies, find out what happened to the crew and the mission and make it safely home.

Dark Matter plays similar to Metroid-like platformers without the jumping puzzles where the best action requires careful planning and quick execution. that unlike other side scrolling platformers requires the type of twitch aim and quick reflexes that first-person shooter fans enjoy.

Interwave says that they are building Dark Matter is as open as they can make it. You will be free to not pick up any weapons, not even the initial pistol (even though you won’t make it past the corner where the weapon is found) and that the first basic weapons (Shotgun and Assault Rifle), along with the first nano ammo blueprint (incendiary ammo) are marked by objectives. The rest (all ammo blueprints, all weapon upgrade blueprints, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, beam weapon) are left to you to find, should you wish to put the time into it.

“That, for us, is the true core of a Metroidvania game: there is a linear, fast path through the game, and then there is the meandering and backtracking that you’ll perform in order to unlock and power up all the weapons you need. We have made our objectives system a helping hand in getting started with all that”, they stated.

Interwave has also made changes in the game’s light system and as a result the the last light-driven aspects of enemy AI have been refined. “Enemies now are far more aware and aggressive in lit areas, and pull all kinds of anger-driven tricks on the player. Darkness is all of a sudden a safe place where enemies are less aware of your presence.. except you could be stepping on one and get mauled if you don’t use your flashlight. I suppose we should feel bad for creating such existence-tearing dilemmas in players, but it’s too much fun”.

In order to ensure the game provides people with an exceptional, fun and intense experience Interwave has launched a Kickstarter camaign which you can find here. Dark Matter will be available for PC, MAC and Linux at launch and will be fully localizable. It will launch in English, Dutch, German and Italian day one.

Master Reboot

Master Reboot is a first person psychological puzzle adventure game set inside the Soul Cloud a giant server that holds the data of your soul and memories when you die. The Soul Cloud is filled with floating islands, each island looks like a town; village or city filled with rooms, skyscrapers and houses that hold people’s memories. To house your Soul, a family member (or yourself before you die) purchases an island on the Soul Cloud where the server will generate rooms, houses or skyscrapers that hold each and every memory from the deceased’s past, or of memories of their choosing.

Beginning your transfer into your new digital existence is simple, you sit on a monorail transporting you to your new home, a place where you can live out all your favorite memories for all time.But as you black out during the process you wake up on a deserted beach without any knowledge of who you are or where you are, you bring yourself to your feet.

It’s up to you to piece your memories together to find out all these answers by solving the puzzles in each memory from your past that are housed in there own rooms. However this wont be an easy task as not only are these puzzles very difficult but you are pursued by the Soul Clouds anti virus believing you are the cause of all these ‘problems’ in the network. Every puzzle solved unlocks a memory which reveals more about your life when you were alive, a walk on a beach, visiting loved ones now lost from your life and confronting demons who have manipulated your career and very existence.