Indie developer Deconstructeam have announced that their “minimalist” adventure game Gods Will Be Watching, a game that took the second place in the Ludum Dare 26 Jam event, will be expanded into a larger game through IndieGogo crowdfunding.

In Gods Will Be Watching players are tasked with keeping their crew, which has crash-landed on a cold desolate planet, alive for 40 days. A unique aspect of the game, however, is that it takes place almost entirely on just one screen, as your character, Sgt. Burden, and his crew surround a campfire. You also have a maximum of 5 actions per day, so you’ll have to choose your actions wisely to make sure you and your crew stay alive until the rescue team arrives.

The expanded game will thrust the players into six more scenarios, such as a hostage situation at the hands of a bio-terrorist. Other scenarios include trying to cure and defeat a manufactured virus outbreak in 48 hours, or just surving torture for 20 days.

The team has already raised more than 1/4 of its 8.000€ goal with 30 days left. Stretch goals include new game plus (featuring permadeath), unlockable background stories, online scoreboards, and voice acting.

Gamers can play the original flash game (in several languages) here. The IndieGogo crowdfunding page can be checked out here.